In November 2014, Tomasz Lis released his debut album - "Impromptus". The album presents pieces by F. Schubert, F. Chopin and G. Fauré. The choice of repertoire was not accidental as it reflects Tomasz's character and aesthetic sense. He is, in fact, a romantic, however with a slight distance and coolness about it. His recording presents a genre which by its very nature seeks to capture music ephemerality blending perfectly its emotional and intellectual aspects.

The impromptus selected by Lis for his debut album hold profound emotional meanings for the young Polish pianist. As Chopin's 'compatriot', Lis responds to his music subconsciously, while Schubert to him 'touches the essence of human life like no other composer (except Bach and Mozart). Fauré's music, in turn, presents an irresistible combination of flair, elegance, charm and colour. As the composer once aptly said, 'art and especially music, exists to elevate us as far as possible above everyday existence'.

The album was recorded by the German record label - Klanglogo. The Yamaha Grand Piano was generously loaned to him by the Berlin Philharmonie and prepared by a master piano technician Mr. Thomas Hübsch. He was also the one to suggest recording the album at the former East Berlin Radio Station, famous for its superb acoustic.